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Global Debate & Debate Video Recognized as Top Debate Blogs


All the Best High School and College Debate Blogs

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Here is my round up of the top debate blogs as I see it (if you’ve been omitted, feel free to leave your blog URL in the comments section). I hope this helps all those looking to find the best debate and argument blogs.
The 3 NR – is basically the hub of most high school debate related. Maintained by Scott P, Bill Batterman, and Roy Lekovitz who are all nationally recognized coaches.
Georgia Debate Blog-maintained by the coaching staff at the University of Georgia debate team. Casey Harrigan is the primary author, although other coaches contribute. (only updated about once or twice a month)
Global Debate blog-All about global debate. Maintained by Tuna Snider at the University of Vermont. Tuna’s passion is global debate.
Debate Video blog-Exactly what it says. Videos of debates. Although, they are usually in parli or the international debate formats. In addition, Tuna is able to post the occassional policy debate video.
Teaching Debate is maintained by Kate Shuster. It isn’t regularly updated, but Kate has turned this into a fantastic resource for middle school debate coaches.
Victory briefs blog-covers the world of high school lincoln douglas debate.
University of Texas institute blog has interesting coverage of the military troop pullout topic–which is directly relevant to high school debate (the best way to find that blog, is either by coming back here and clicking the link or by searching “UNTIF debate blog” via Google.
I’ve functionally omitted GA Forensics and the Virginia blog as they both seem to focus on regional issues, with some coverage of national ones–but both deserve mention.
Kevin Kuswa, Steve Pointer, and friends have created a new critique specific blog (the name escapes me at the moment). Some of the language is a little jargon ridden and more appropriate for college debaters, however for high schoolers willing to dissect the language this can serve as a great idea resource for keeping up with critiques and critique theory.
Lucy Got Some Splainin is also a nice intro to debate blog, which a high school debate coach has made for his students and for the world at large. (URL = MIA)
Specific Recommendations:
If you are a coach or JV or Varsity debater…..The 3NR, the UNTIF blog, the Kevin Kuswa blog are probably the best to plug in your RSS reader. If you are a novice policy debater and starting out…..there apparently isn’t much of a blog for your RSS reader (most of the content on Lucy is already published….however I would make attempts at the UNTIF debate blog and the 3NR debate blogs. At the end of the day, only you can decide, so take 15 to 20 minutes to get an idea of each and see which content works best for you.
Audience Blog Recommendations:
If you can recommend another great debate blog, feel free to leave a note in the comments (for instance if I;ve left a policy, public forum, parlamentary debate, or lincoln douglas blog off the list–please add it. Thanks!

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