Friday, October 31, 2008

GLOBAL DEBATE Has Come a Long Way in the Last Year

The statistrics above tell the story.

October 2007 there were about 3500 visitors, and in 2008 we have over 13,500 with most of a day still to go.

Observations indicate that the traffic will continue to grow. We see that most people do not come to GLOBAL DEBATE for a check up on news, but in search of something specific. About 60% of the visitors come from search engine sights and are after a specific story. To me, this means that as the archive grows the traffic will grow because there will be more to find there.

Following coverage of WUDC 2008 in Thailand traffic fell off. But now, it is above the high mark it hit during WUDC 2008, and was also higher in September, and thre is no special event going on now.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, thanks to those who have been encouraging and especially thanks to those who have alerted me to important stories.

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