Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to Regular Programming After Some Slow Weeks

Posing with the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas

It has been a rough few weeks for publishing GLOBAL DEBATE and my other debate related blogs.
  • On May 1 I headed off to Bangladesh for two weeks. Lots of work, tabbing the 15th All Asians, doing workshops, etc. Little time to post from there.
  • 3.2 weeks in Mexico followed that. Sometimes I had Internet access (thanks Bob and Clint) other times I did not. Got some stuff posted, but not enough.
  • 10 days in Las Vegas being director of operations for the largest speech and debate tournament in the world (5500 people). I thought I would have time to post from there, but the absolute firewalls at most of the schools where I was based, the temporary collapse of the wireless network at our hotel, hanging out with like-minded celebrities (like the Blue Man Group above) and the busy nature of the tournament kept me from posting much.

So, now I am back in Vermont for the rest of the summer. Look for me to catch up and expand.

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