Thursday, January 10, 2008

Huge Traffic Increase Begins 2008

The fact that Global Debate was closely covering the World Universities Debating Championship certainly led to a big increase in site visits. There was also a big increase in comments and even arguments among the commenters and with me. This blogspot site began in late July of 2007, so we are making progress.

I hope that in the year to come that people will remember that this is a spot for debating news all year long and that they can keep up on lots of issues and formats here.

Trevor Sather of the World Schools Debating Championship has also put together a "blog aggregator" for WSDC folks to use and features us prominently. Find it at
I plan to cover the WSDC in September quite closely from Washington, DC as well.

Plans for 2008 include regular editorials (they might even launch a few controversies) and don't forget that a dozen new debate videos from WUPID in Malaysia and WUDC in Thailand will be coming your way soon at our partner video site,

Thanks for following and supporting this effort in 2007 and even before that in our non-blogspot sites in 2006.

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