Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Sources for Debate News

August was a tough month for me due to the conclusion of the four week World Debate Institute session and then the need to relax a bit and recover. Well, the recovery wasn't to bad, and it was nice, but now September is here, the school year has started and my mind returns to the task at hand - promoting debate.

During August I learned of a few more news sources that I can use. I do not use them everyday but I look into them at least once a week.

One of them is a fairly comprehensive blog search that Google now offers. This looks all throughout the blogosphere and finds debate related stories. Most of them are just students chatting about their debating experiences, but some can be quite informative and revealing.

Another source has been the comprehensive search system hosted by Rasheful Hasan Stalin at the Asian Debating Website at
This site has a lot of keywords and a lot of news sources (they look like Google robots) that then turn up a list of the top four or five stories once you check a keyword. This has bit been that productive, but I do turn up some stories every time I look through it.

Two other thing I will do this month are change the keywords and searches on this page as well as fire up a number of Google reader machines to try and locate those few stories that are still eluding me.

This website will continue to be on that works. It is not so much designed for you to use (although you are welcome) but is designed to gather news to use in other places, specifically on the Global Debate Blog at

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