Monday, July 9, 2007

A Working Website - It Gathers News

This site uses Google robots to find news stories on a global basis that may be relevant to debates and debating in an educational and competitive sense. Some of the search terms may be a bit broad and some irrelevant stories slip through, but it is better to have a few irrelevant stories than to miss important ones. Articles can be found on the side of this blog about debate in general. These can be surveyed to get a sense of what is happening, but of course only a part of the story.

This website is part of a working family of debate websites. This one gathers news more than distributes it. The best stories are then picked for the Global Debate Blog and for other uses.

Here are some of the other debate websites that I manage. Please feel free to visit them.

Debate Central
Main page
Learn to Debate
Video Instruction and Debate Video Library
Purchase Debate Training Materials
Debate Related Books We Endorse

Global Debate Blog
Old Global Debate Blog


Instructional Programs
World Debate Institute Summer Program (USA)
International Debate Academy (Europe)
Asian Debate Institute (Korea)

Other Websites
YouDebate (list of debate videos elsewhere on the web, such as YouTube and GoogleVideo)
DebateNews (Google robots find debate in the news)
Lawrence Debate Union, University of Vermont
Voice of Edwin (Lawrence Debate Union Newsletter)
Flashpoint Debate Television Program Videos

Non-Debate Websites
Alfred Snider
Alfred Snider Photo Albums
College of Music Knowledge Radio Downloads
Reggae Lunch Radio Downloads
Alfred Snider Calendar
Alfred Snider News Links

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